Saturday, May 21, 2016

Welcome to Lisa' s Links/ Elephant Nature Park in Thailand

Lisa volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park near Chang Mai, Thailand
Welcome to Lisa's Links. Join me in the journey to discover people, initiatives and innovations that make our world a better place. As an Activist for the environment and social justice, I hope to share with you many inspirational experiences and opportunities for you to be engaged.

If you're looking for an amazing and rewarding experience for travels abroad, the Elephant Nature Park is, in my opinion, one of the best days you could ever imagine. My husband was hesitant about doing "Volunteer Work" on our family vacation but I convinced him that we should set aside a day or two to support this wonderful non-profit. The Elephant Nature Park rescues abused elephants and gives them a wonderful home in a topical paradise near Chang Mai with medical attention and excellent care. As a volunteer, one pays a small amount which includes pick up at your hotel in Chang Mai, travel to and from the nature preserve, one of the best lunch spreads ever, and a magical day feeding and bathing the elephants. Hope you get to experience this one day and be part of taking care of these elephants.